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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the Fertility Physicians Network right for me?

If you want to reach a multitude of couples who are trying to get pregnant and need an advertising solution that is fast, reliable, easy and transparent, the Fertility Physicians Network is right for you.


How do I signup for the Fertility Physicians Network?

Application into the Fertility Physicians Network is very simple and approval is quick. Simply call (941) 312-1001.


What is the price for running Banner Ads?

Price varies given the number of physician listings per State. For example; some States have less than 10 listings while others list over 100. Demographics impact page impressions (the larger the State population, the greater the targeted audience and level of interest).


What if I don't have Banner Ad artwork?

If you want to submit a Banner Ad for our network, we will provide you with the Banner Ad specifications. If you need us to create the Banner Ad, we offer complimentary services. Either way, we are responsible for uploading the Banner Ad (all Banner Ads need to be in JPG, PNG or GIF formats).


Is this really an effective way to advertise?

Yes. Online advertising is growing at a tremendous rate for two main reasons. Firstly, it is a trackable and economic medium that reaches your targeted audience and secondly, it is also a very strong brand image advertising platform reaching thousands of people for very little investment.


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