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Dedicated to Women (11/22)

Eden Hill Medical Center,

200 Banning Street, Suite 320

Dover, Delaware 19904

Phone: (302) 674-0223  Website

(Ian Baxter, DO, Kerry Campbell, MD, Amanda Celaschi, DO, Michelle H. Cooper, MD, Alexa Giacobbo, DO, Abha Gupta, MD, Robert B. Hartmann, MD, Laura B. Moylan, MD, Wendy Newell, MD, Robert Q. Scacheri, MD, Andrew Ward, MD, Peter J. Wong, MD)

Locations: Dover, Middletown, Milford, Rehoboth Beach

Delaware Institute for Reproductive Medicine (11/22)

4745 Ogletown-Stanton Road,

Medical Arts Pavilion 1, Suite 111

Newark, Delaware 19713

Phone: (302) 738-4600  Website

(Jeffrey B. Russell, MD, Emelia A. Bachman, MD, George Kovalevsky, MD)

Locations: Newark, Milford

Delaware Center for Maternal & Fetal Medicine (11/22)

Abby Medical Center,

One Centurian Drive, Suite 312

Newark, Delaware 19713

Phone: (302) 319-5680  Website

(Anthony Sciscione, DO, James S. Manley, MD, Philip Shlossman, MD, Vanita Dharan Jain, MD, Kelly Ruhstaller, MD)

Locations: Newark, Smyrna, Lewes

RADfertility (11/22)

4735 Ogletown-Stanton Road,

Medical Arts Pavilion 2, Suite 3217

Newark, Delaware 19713

Phone: (302) 602-8822  Website

(Barbara A. McGuirk, MD, Ronald F. Feinberg, MD, PhD, Wendy J. Schillings, MD, Annette Lee, MD, Julian A. Gingold, MD, Erin Wolff, MD)

Locations: Newark, Wilmington, Dover​

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