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Advanced Reproductive Medicine (11/22)

3055 Roslyn Street, Room 230

Denver, Colorado 80238

Phone: (303) 724-8089  Website

(William Schlaff, MD, Ruben Alvero, MD, Patricia McShane, MD, Sona Murray, MD, Randall Meacham, MD, Nanette Santoro, MD, Alex Polotsky, MD)

Locations: Denver, Colorado Springs

CNY Fertility (11/22)

265 S. Parkside Drive,

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

Phone: (844) 315-2229  Website

(Denise Walinsky, MD, Randy Fink, MD)

Colorado Springs Fertility Clinic (CCRM Colorado) (11/22)

6160 Tutt Blvd., Suite 150,

Colorado Springs, Colorado 80923

Phone: (303) 788-8300  Website

(Eric Surrey, MD, Lauren Ross Ehrhart, MD)

Conceptions Reproductive Associates of Colorado (11/22)

4500 E. 9th Avenue, #630, #370 

Denver, Colorado 80220

Phone: (303) 720-7887  Website

(Mark Bush, MD, Natalia Grob, MD, Robert Greene, MD, Althea O'Shaughnessy, MD, Jasmine Chiang, MD, Aimee Ferrandino, MD)

Locations: Littleton, Denver, Lafayette, Lone Tree

Denver Fertility Care (11/22)

9780 Pyramid Court, Suite 260

Englewood, Colorado 80112

Phone: (720) 420-1570  Website

(Bruce H. Albrecht, MD, Dana Ambler, MD)

Locations: Englewood - Denver

Denver Fertility Clinic (CCRM Colorado) (11/22)

Rose Medical Center,

4600 Hale Parkway, Suite 490

Denver, Colorado 80220

Phone: (303) 355-2555​  Website

(Laxmi Kondapalli, MD, Sara Barton, MD)

Lone Tree Fertility Clinic (CCRM Colorado) (11/22)

10290 RidgeGate Circle,

Lone Tree, Colorado 80124

Phone: (303) 788-8300  Website

(William Schoolcraft, MD, Eric Surrey, MD, Robert Gustofson, MD, Laxmi Kondapalli, MD, Sara Barton, MD, Lauren Ross Ehrhart, MD)

Louisville Fertility Clinic (CCRM Colorado) (11/22)

Avista Two Medical Plaza,

80 Health Park Drive, Suite 240

Louisville, Colorado 80027

Phone: (303) 665-0150​  Website

(Robert Gustofson, MD)

Rocky Mountain Center for Reproductive Medicine (11/22)

1080 E. Elizabeth Street,

Fort Collins, Colorado 80524

Phone: (970) 493-6353  Website

(Kevin Bachus, MD)

Rocky Mountain Fertility Center (11/22)

12770 Lynnfield Drive,

Parker, Colorado 80134

Phone: (303) 999-3877  Website

(Deborah Smith, MD)

Locations: Parker, Rapid City

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